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Look at your Bursar’s receipt; see that Tech Fee? What is all that money for? In the constant hope of your getting your money’s worth, our course will feature a number of tech activities:
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Epsilen, aka, Tigerfolio
QCC Library
Here’s a short guide:
Our class is a hybrid, i.e., we meet in person but use Cyberspace for resources and communication. Getting started: From the QCC Home Page go to CUNY Portal>Login>Blackboard

Note the left hand buttons; they will take you the resources-assignments, helpful links, etc.-designed to make your life easier and save you time.

Getting started: From the QCC Home Page>Login>TigerMail

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The following online research exercises are part of our syllabus: MLA1-1 MLA2-1 MLA2-2 MLA2-3 MLA2-4 MLA3-1 MLA3-2 MLA4-1 MLA4-2 MLA4-3 LIT2-1
Step One: Go to Diana You will be taken to this page:

Click “Continue”

Register as a student (upper right hand corner). Use for my address

Step Two
When you log in, select Research Exercises

Step Three
Click MLA

Step Four
Do those exercises in our syllabus. After you finish each exercise, be sure to click “Check Score.” Your work will be emailed to me automatically.
Again the exercises are
MLA1-1 MLA2-1 MLA2-2 MLA2-3 MLA2-4
MLA3-1 MLA3-2 MLA4-1 MLA4-2 MLA4-3 LIT2-1

Epsilen, aka, ePortfolio You will be using Epsilen in connection with Paper Two in a joint assignment with Professor Kathleen Wentrack’s Art History course. This will involve posting your poem in a Wiki, adding your paper later, and appending a reflection. It is important to bear in mind that you will be working in two realms of Epsilen, Collaboration and Learning, and using both Wikis and…