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Statement Problem about the Internet Addictions

Judith Geer

PSY 7102

Preparing a Problem Statement
This paper is to introduce the researchers to a statement problem that people who suffer from Internet Addiction have an excess use and easy access to the internet at ant time of the day. Also, this paper will address the five H’s and W: Who, What Where, When, Why, and How.
Internet addiction is classified as an addictive behavior. Internet addiction is widely spread throughout the country. The addiction is common among children and adults, and it can become problematic. Internet addiction can have a negative effect on people. Common side effects of internet addiction are attention problem, self-control, and emotional regulation (Koo & Kwon, 2014). It is important to know that people suffering from Internet addiction can find a solution to the problem. Internet addiction has an effect on people that can cause them to have suicidal thoughts. Yoo, Cho, and Cha (2014) stated, the “children might experience serious stress frustration, or depression as they face various types or problems before reaching the point of making an extreme choice of suicide” (p.198). The problem facing Internet addiction is the accessible use and all the information that it can provide to a person at any time.
Internet addiction provides a lot of information, and some can be misleading. Not all websites are reliable. When the person is looking for something on the web that person may find several different web pages, and some of these web pages may not be reliable. In order to access the Internet, it depends on your location, some locations have free WIFI for people to use. WIFI is a network that allows you to connect to the Internet wirelessly. Locations like McDonald's, Planet Fitness, Public Library, etc. offer WIFI at no cost. People with internet addiction visit these locations because they have free Internet access, which allow them to spend as much time on the internet as they can. People with addictive behaviors have a tendency to find methods to satisfying their addiction. Tsimtsiou et al. (2014) mentioned that “Long hours of internet use and usage of online games and online gambling are the commonly used on the internet” (p.189).
Spending most of the time on the Internet is most pleasing to people with Internet addiction. Not realizing the harm it does to the people around them. Some people are aware of the negative impact of its overuse or misuse and the