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Gema Rodriguez
Problem/Solution Essay
Internet Addiction Over the years the internet has been changing the way people live their lives daily. Technology has been upgrading the internet so that people can have easy access to it. The internet is becoming an addiction just like alcohol and it is growing more and more as each year goes by. People are getting disconnected to their surroundings because they are using the internet almost every minute of the day. Even though the internet is starting to be an addiction for some people, there are some solutions to stop the addiction before or after it begins. Some solutions may be to set rules, reduce where we get access to the internet, and provide therapy for people who are already addicted to the internet. Internet addiction has gotten out of control for many users all over the world. Families gather around the dinner table with electronic devices and do not engage in conversations with each other. Whenever people go out with their friends they are too busy checking their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to pay attention to what is going around them. As Bilton says, we are becoming a dystopian society where people ignore each other as they stare at their phones every second of the day. Not only are electronic devices affecting us when we eat but they also take part in our jobs. People are always trying to make jobs easier and quicker to gain customer satisfaction and spend less money on their products. Electronics have become free money making devices for companies that require employees to work outside of the job by answering e-mails or other questions that people can access on their electronic device. Laura Petrecca also brings up a good point questioning if constant access to the internet comes at a cost: never clocking out. As companies discovered that they could get people to work from their electronic devices they also thought it did not require them to pay the employee. When people go home and “get off” of work to rest they really do not stop working if they still have to take care of business on electronics. The downside for the employees in a case like this is that the majority of workers who work at home after leaving their job do not get payed for whatever they are doing that is related work. On the bright side some employees may be getting paid for the extra time they are working outside of their work place. Companies could also help stop the internet addiction that is being created by not overworking their employees at home that will require them to use electronic devices. Employers could also prohibit the use of digital devices if it is not required on the job. Not only will employers help reduce internet addiction this way, but their workers will be more focused on their job and it will create a better environment. Workers will be able to communicate with each other without texting; therefore, they will have a decent time at work not discussing everything that is on their cell phones with each other, which may cause problems in the working environment. As technology has been advancing people find it easy to gain access to the internet because it is wireless and found almost everywhere. Restaurants like Mcdonalds provide free use of the internet so that customers will be satisfied and return again. Providing people with free internet only increases the internet addiction because it allows people to use their electronic device without having to pay for it with their own money. The convenience of free internet also draws the attention of people to use the electronic devices for as long as they want because there is not a set time limit. If restaurants, stores, hospitals, and other places that provide free internet were to set a time limit on the usage of each electronic devices it could help reduce the internet addiction that is being created in society today. To help avoid this problem over all places like these could get rid of the free