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The main point of the written piece was to learn how to give effective well lived presentations that are not bas or boring but full of intent and information that the audience can actually use and apply and most importantly retain for later use.
Each section dealt with the 8 steps in having a successful presentation: Dig deep which dealt with showing out instead of just showing up and giving the audience something to remember. Something intellectually entertaining but not boring and Doing something unexpected. Avoid overload which tells you not to over cram your audience with useless information. Practice delivery, you want to come across assertive and stern and not appear uncomfortable or nervous while talking. Practice your presentation a few times before delivery. Forget comedy because the audience came to get a presentation and walk away with information that’s useful. Pick powerful props to use that are attention grabbers. Minimize talking about yourself and your company, the audience wants you to help them not tell them how you’ve helped yourself. Speak the language of whatever it is you are referring to, sometimes your audience may not be familiar with certain terminology. Last but not least use simple slides, don’t be too overbearing people are naturally visual but you as the speaker have to keep their attention and not depend on slide to run the show.
The questions I asked myself while reading were am I familiar with any of this material so far? Am I retaining important key points as I read along? And what goals do I have at the end of this passage? Do I completely…