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1. Outline three major points the author made in the article one:
The author made several major points in the article that I found very interesting. He states that overall the data collected in his analysis shows that students who are more connected to their school,” have a good mental state are less likely to cheat or commit another form of academic dishonesty”.

I would like to select the following three major points.
1. Discusses academic dishonesty with particular focus given to reasons why students cheat and the findings that students in independent schools are less likely to cheat as those in public schools.
2. Motivators to cheat on school work including lack of intrinsic motivations, poor connection to the school and negative feelings about the self
3. The Independent School Health Check (ISHC) is a comprehensive survey of independent school student behaviors. After four years of service it now has been used to survey 36 independent schools and 15, 836 independent schools in 9-12 grades. 2. What did the author conclude in the article? What were the findings?
The author found that among the 36 schools in the ISHC database, the rate of cheating on test ranges from 7-36%, finding that independent schools have a lower rate than public schools.
Educational testing services indicated that 75-98% college students admit to cheating in High school. He talks about the Josephson Institute of Ethics 2010 Report Card survey that was conducted shows that 59.4 % had cheated that year on a test or quiz and 80.6% had copied another student’s homework.
The ISHC suggest that having an emphasis on academic integrity will prevent students from cheating. He discusses that teachers are leaving students without a proctor during their tests and quizzes, are feels that they are being too optimistic. The study shows that even though the students have a good feeling about their school and education 15% of students still report that they cheat,