Gen200 Continuing Academic Success Essay

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Academic Success xxxx University of Phoenix
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Academic Success
Technology and industry is growing at an ever increasing rate, and each year there are new devices or concepts adopted by business wanting to be on the cutting edge. Workers and leaders also need to stay on the cutting edge as well if they desire to excel in their careers. Often, this means that the working adult will return to a learning environment to earn a certification or degree in their field. Returning to school can be tough in these economically changing times; however, successful adult students will establish clear educational goals to gain higher responsibility and pay increases in their current
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Most colleges have an electronic library organized by vast databases and powerful search engines. Outside of the school, the internet is also a good source of credible articles, studies and data. The local library is still a great resource for those who prefer the feel of a book in their hand while gathering information, as are seminar talks by persons in authority. While offering a wealth of additional information, some websites may not be based on solid information, and caution must be taken so that the originality and validity of the information can be confirmed.
An invaluable aid is the writing resource site of the school which provides a treasure chest full of pointers on formatting essays, grammar tips, help for generating citations and other very helpful writing tools. These tools are offered because the writing process is a critical part of the student’s educational journey. Many courses will require the student to write essays or formal papers. Having this writing assistance with formulating ideas, organizing information and putting it all down in clearly written form trains the student in the art of effective communication that is also an important part of today’s work environment.
Along with the tools already mentioned, working toward educational and career goals requires the use of critical thinking skills.