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Austin Fey
Sociology 1301
Bem Essay Sandra Bem designed the Bem Sex Role test in 1971, this test was created to show the way psychology viewed gender. To me I believe that this test is not a reliable way to measure gender because, even if you answer the questions on the test to where they sound like what a women is like that doesn’t mean you are that. Say I answer all the questions that say I am a nice person who is always considerate of others, this doesn’t mean that I’m more like a women it just means I’m not a stuck up jerk who only cares about myself, it means I can listen to others and be nice and help them in their time of need. I could be the manliest man alive and still have emotions and help others. Also this test is not a valid measure of a person’s gender. I say this because it asks the simplest of questions on the test, it even asks you in two different questions if you think of yourself as a man or as a women like seriously answering that question should give you your answer right there. Also the questions need to have more detail to them something like giving a whole story with scenarios for example the question should give you a question please put your favorite celebrity and why you adore them, type of music, and band and press continue. If someone answered with the following like Niall Horan (One Direction) because when he sings he makes my heart melt, Pop, and One Direction this might mean they are more feminine, but if they answer with Taylor Swift because she is beautiful women with an amazing talent, Rock/Country, and Three Days Grace this may show that they like more manly things. Gender is the own person describing someone as