Essay on Gender and Females Sex Organs

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The commonality between chapters in the text is that the physical or physiological contrasts of male and females sex organs, including both their essential and optional sex attributes. Within society the use of sex as a label also is attributed to qualifications connected with being male or female, implying that it doesn't exist regularly, but is an idea that is made by societal standards. As we grow, we are taught how to act as either a male or female from the people around us. In the maturation stage kids are instructed on how to act in a myriad of situations based on their biological sex. In American society, manly characteristics are normally connected with quality, hostility, and strength, while female measures are typically based on the connection with submission, empathy, and polite and appropriate in attitude. The separation of biological sex and gender identity has been growing rapidly in the 21st century, with the help and study of many experts in different areas to help deconstruct and rebuild how we as a society look at gender expression and gender identity, and how there is less of the correlation with biological sex and the former two mentioned.
Given what I have studied so far, I believe that some acts attributed to femininity do have some bases instinctually while others really have no grounds of facts. What is surprising of these instincts of both genders are the origins, or the cause to those instinctual effects. One example is that of instant attraction and how I believe it works in both genders use instincts in my past. A lot of men that I have been friends with could see a woman that they have never formally met and be immediately drawn to them. In light of her looks alone, they have come to the conclusion that they would like to be with that woman. I believe that to be an instinct. There are even times where I felt this way. What I have learned by having female hetero friends and talking in-depth to them about those first seconds they come across a man, I found out that a majority of women instinctively do not work the same as men. Females apply more criteria to choose a male that does not rely on closest probability, but plausibility that they want.