Gender and Gucci Dumb Baller Essay

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Say names yo

Christian: The Ad we chose to present today is for a fashion company called Gucci

Dumb baller: We believe this Ad was meant to appeal to young adults of both genders of various ethnicities who are willing to spend a lot of money for quality clothes and keep up with new trends. In the Ad
Talk about Gucci website at bottom. ( young adults, convince/location)

Christian: the thing you notice when you look at this ad is the huge text and three models laying on each other wearing Gucci clothes. It looks as if they are in a desert lying on a sandy floor with the sun beating down on them. This could possibly mean that the Gucci styles are “hot” like the dessert. The clothes the models are wearing look elegant and fashionable towards their target audience. The Font they chose for their brand is no normal font it is stylized and coheres with the message their trying to portray.

Dum baller: The models in the ad suggest that clothes have a vary sexual nature regarding both genders. The female model (left) has her shirt completely unbuttoned and it looks as if the guys shirt is half way off. The three models are very close together, with their hands on each other and one even has her head in the male models crotch. Gucci shows that is trying to sell to a wide verity of people through the differences in race. The Models our all good looking and this is trying to persuade that if your willing to spend more you can look just as good as these models.