Gender and Huynh Thy Truong Essay

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Full name: Huynh Thy Truong
Topic: Same – sex marriage should be allowed.
Same – sex marriage are currently becoming more and more common in many countries around the World. It is also a burning issue which causes many controversies in recent year. Some people agree that love is not sex discrimination, so same – sex marriage should be legalised.
Indeed, most of the advocates of the suggestion do have their own arguments. One of their main points can be that love is love no matter who they are. It is true that people cannot make any choice of their sexual when they are born. Just the same, they have a right to choose their love at least because to love and to be love is the greatest happiness on earth. Love and fortune is not always smile upon everyone, there are some special reasons such as psychology and biology which lead to homosexual relationships. Everyone should not prejudice against homosexuality, for marriage is a union of love, not a union of genders. Another their plausible can be that marriage is one of important events each and every life, so it is very essential and necessary to look for who they really love and they can live with each other all their life. Some people fall in love with the same person, and their happiness and love are made the decision by themselves, and hence, they are responsible for themselves. No government, no organisation, no individuals can change their position to decide their life. This is the reason why people should respect for same – sex marriage.
On the other side of the argument, there are still people who fail to agree with such a suggestion. Admittedly, their justifications can be