Gender and Keira Knightley Essay

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Hollywood’s Gender Bias
Lesley Messer, Why Keira Knightly Calls Herself a “Complete Hypocrite”, Good Morning America, July 1, 2014. Retrieved from Context This snippet is about the actress Keira Knightly talks about the gender bias in Hollywood and called herself a “complete hypocrite” when she talked to the Sunday Times interviewers. She also admitted that she is part of the problem because of the unrealistic image of herself on the magazine cover. The audience of this article is very wide because it is a public news online and millions of people online can read it. The actress Keira Knightly and the dominating movie company Hollywood also attract audiences’ attention. The intent behind this snippet is about the gender differences and the gender discrimination not only in Hollywood but the world as a whole. Males and females should earn equal respect and opportunities.

Description One of the most significant research area in anthropology is sex and gender. “Anthropology sees gender and age as culturally constructed ideas; different societies and time periods assign different meanings and expectations to these concepts.” (Parker, 2013). Over the past two decades history, the changing world associated with globalization has deeply impacted lives of men and women of all ages, nationalities, social classes and occupations. Gender determines the ability differences since the moment people are born. Anthropologists see sex and gender as a social construction and it is related to both biological and sociological areas. At the end of our first class, we discussed the topic that “anthropology is all around you”. The most basic reason is we are all humans and anthropology is about human’s biological and cultural variations. So gender differences and gender discrimination is an emphasis in anthropology study.

Analysis The first reason I paid attention to this news is the name Keira Knightley. I like her movies very much and it makes me have more interests in this news. I also feel surprised about the gender bias in Hollywood that I have never heard before. People just know about the fancy actions or romantic movies produced by Hollywood but ignore some secrets