Essay about Gender and Magazines

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How different people are represented in the magazine industry

Women represented in magazines:
Representations of women in magazines tend to highlight the following:

Beauty – The main focus of any woman featured in a magazine such as Vogue will be her appearance. Hair and makeup will have been done professionally, with alterations made to the final picture using photo-shop.
Sexuality – Many women are represented in a sexual way in order to attract a male audience as well as a female audience who will desire to look like those women in order to gain male attention.
Size/Physique – Almost all women in magazines are very thin to average size – with plenty of magazines featuring stories focusing on body image and ‘How to lose weight’.
Relationships – Many magazines aimed at women include stories giving advice on love and relationships. This makes the woman feel as if she would improve her life by buying their magazine.

Men represented in magazines:
Representations of men in magazines tend to portray:

Confidence – Many men featured in magazines tend to be pictured in a strong, self-assured stance.
Wealth – Men are often pictured with cars living luxurious lifestyles.
Fitness – Many men’s magazines such as ‘Men’s Health’ feature men with a figure desirable to other men, making the audience want to buy the magazine in order to look like that.

Race represented in magazines:
There is a lack in racial diversity in many magazines such as InStyle and Vogue, which predominantly