Gender and Sadie F. Dingfelder Essay

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Gender These articles discussed different theories between doctors about environment and genetic influences in gender identity. Gender Bender an article by Sadie F. Dingfelder, this discusses different studies that have been done to prove if genetic and hormonal factors and social influences are influences on gender identity. One study showed that sixteen males born with a rare disorder called cloacal exstrophy. Males are born without penises or with really small ones they tested normal for males hormonal and XY-chromosomes pairs. Fourteen of the children underwent sex reassignment surgery and was raised as girls the other two was raised as males. The families were instructed to not disclose any medical history to the child. Three out of fourteen that was raised as girls spontaneously declared they were males. In the more recent follow up six of the children identified themselves as males. Three was unclear of gender or refused to participate in research. All of the children displayed typical male behavior. Such as rough playing and having many males’ friends. Dr. Reiner stated “if you are looking at the genetic and hormonal males, [sexual identity may be] not plastic at all and it appears to be primarily influenced by biology”. This debate is still up in the air. This is a very difficult topic for me because I believe genetic and hormonal factors are much more of an influences then social influences. For example my uncle and his wife, my uncles is a manger of a factory. His wife is a home maker she raised the children and took care of the home. My aunt Pat dresses and act like a women. My uncle Hennery is a man’s, man he likes sports, drinks cold beer and work on cars and does yard work. They have three beautiful daughters the oldest was 30 she died when