Essay on Gender and Wheelchair User

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Discriminatory attitudes
Low regards for individuals, low of people
If I was an worker and I was working along side someone who has religion or belief in something and I discriminate he/she by refusing to communicate with them while giving them attitude and you will think low of people.
Being little towards them. Making them feel little about them self’s by making individuals feel they is not worth it because they have disabilities, then they will become depressed and could led to harming themselves.
By not asking them for opinions and don’t feel like they is not interested
If they are at work and the workers have to give feedback/opinions and if a female is going to give opinions the boss will say don’t give any feedback because your a women. This is discriminatory attitude. Taking away there rights
Individual who suffer with dementia can be discrimination because of their background and they cant go and make a complaint because of their condition and those who care for these individuals should always be treated with dignity and respect
Not including them- not involving the clients
Putting on activities that not everyone can take part
I’m putting on an activity’s where you’re not including everyone because they have disabilities. Like dancing not everyone can do that because they might be in a wheelchair user. Or if i put on cooking activities the individuals that are blind cant do the activities. By not including everyone your being