Gender Based Difference in Managerial Styles Essays

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Executive Summary

This report looks at several researches that have studied the managerial styles of males and females with an attempt to define perceived differences between them. In addition discussed are the results from studies on the effectiveness of managers between the two genders. The results of these studies have been analyzed through readings of several researches and personal experiences of the students doing this report.

Studies say both genders are at least equally effective in the business world and that success is affected by diverse individual factors and has very less to do with gender. Commonly held perceptions of males being more effective managers are not only a loss to the female manager, but a loss to the
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Generally, personal experiences of the group matches with this research. However, the (only) woman in the group strongly held on to the perception that women appear to be only task-oriented and that behind the tasks are constantly planned strategies. She says that women generally feel that an aggressive woman is not welcomed in the business world, whether it is her male or female bosses, counterparts or sub-ordinates. Several researches second this claim that many women in the workforce consciously work on their communication to appear less aggressive had also found this to be true. Reflecting on her own management style, she discusses how her ‘strategic' self is kept under covers and put across in subtle ways to avoid being branded seen as aggressive. Tasks are tackled with strategies in mind, some of which are put across giving her senior (male) the credit. Give some study results that say women use indirect language etc, we have something need to find the right sentence to include here (reference)

Expressiveness Vs constraint

Another dimension that the MRG research covers is the willingness to display enthusiasm and be seen as approaching the leadership roles in a lively and dynamic way, as opposed to constraint, being more low key, reserved and thoughtful (Kabacoff, Peters 1998: 5).

As per the research women are definitely seen as higher on the expressiveness