Gender Competition Essay examples

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Gender Competition

History shows that as far back as we can remember there was competition between genders, from women wanting the right to vote to women wanting to join the army there as always been a competition. Men were believed to have certain roles in society and woman had their own roles. Women are expected to be the care takers, they are supposed to cook, clean and tend to the children. While men are meant to be providers and protectors, they are supposed to go to work keep their families safe and secure. American culture today makes the gender roles completely different. Today American society is based on individualism. Women and Men work for personal success in a line of work and education. Today women can be providers in society they can have the same jobs as men, while men can be the care takers. Even though this is true there is still gender competition, women are paid less for doing the same job as a man who is paid more. In other cultures their society is based on collectivism men and women are supposed to do what is best for the society not just themselves. Culture plays a big role in gender roles and gender competition. Where a person is brought up and who they are brought up by plays a big a part in how they see their gender role. If a young boy grows up seeing his father providing he will most likely grow up believing his roles was to be the provider. This process is called Gender-Type and is crucial for child development. Children become aware