Gender Differences Between Antoinette And Tia

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The black people do not believe that those who are Creole are actually black and the English people do not consider them as English. Tia. In the novel Jean Phys uses characters such as Antoinette, Annette, Tia,and Christophine to present the social relationship during that time period. Antoinette friendship with Tia is established after Tia follows her taunting Antoinette by singing, “Go away white cockroach, go away, go way,”(20). This incident had truly marked the social division of black and white. Antoinette is very much aware of the blacks hostility, this fact renders her friendship with Tia fragile. Her disconnect with everybody in the community is caused because Antoinette sees that there is nobody that she can relate to. Which is part of the reason why she is desperate for Tia’s friendship, because she is the most similar to Antoinette than anyone else in the community. Their relationship as whole showcases their racial differences, but also Antoinette’s desire to identify herself with Tia, and with the island. …show more content…
Tia is a black girl, who is fully aware of Antoinette as an old colonizer. She undermines Antoinette’s racial superiority by referring to her as a “white nigger.” This verbal racial abuse put into action when Tia tricks Antoinette out of her pennies. The two girls fight and attack each other