Gender Equality Essay

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The author’s purpose in writing this article is to inform the readers about the topic at hand (which is the toys that boys and girls play and the impact it has on gender identity and on the careers they choose) and present both sides of the debated topic so that the readers know the whole story behind everything. In the article the Eliana Dockterman gives lot of detail on the topic and supports many of them using statistics, what experts and professionals are saying, and events in which the topic may pertain to. For example, she says that “in parts of Asia…, there are plenty of dolls in store, but there a much smaller gender gap for a host of other cultural reasons, like better gender balance of teachers in school.”, uses statistics like “ A 2009 poll by the American Society for Quality of children 8-17, 24 percent of boys said they were interested in a career engineering, but only 5 percent of girls said the same.” and uses quotes from professionals pertaining to the topic. Toy companies do not have a responsibility to the children that play with their products. A toy company’s job is to make toys that children will enjoy and advertise, it’s not responsible for any of the children that play with their products for the reason that at the end of day it’s the parents that are responsible for their own children and their job is to make the decisions of what they think is best for their children. It’s not like toy companies forced anyone to buy their products, it’s the parents that are ultimately responsible for what they bought for their children. This issue is amazing and I’m really pleased to be