Gender: Gender and Engineering Field Essay

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Does Gender Really Even Matter?
The equality of male and female roles in the engineering field vary depending on all other variables such as; the type of work- rather it requires a lot of heavy lifting, experience and education in the field, personal preference among employers and what they are looking for in the field. Most people would argue that females don’t get treated equal when they perform the same functions a male performs in his workplace. At the same time most people do not know the “all” the background info to why equality between males and females seem unfair. Statistics gives us a broad range comparing wages and salaries between genders but doesn’t get into how and why these differences occur. The way this world is set up it is clear that males are more dominant in these engineering roles. Not because they are more smart nor more engineer savvy but merely because more males are included in the engineering field count. Females hold a small place in the engineering field. Rather a female attends school for engineering or not there will still never be enough females to even be on a pedestal when it comes to numbers. With more males working in the field there is still a difference in pay between males because you have more experienced males than other males, some males who have went to school for this of course will get paid more but with this being said there should not be an argument to why genders play different roles in the engineering field because male vs. male is still present just as female vs. female is present as well. Females that have good education and 6 years’ experience would of course get better compensation than a female that only had a couple years’ experience hence the reason you cannot compare the equality of male vs. females. From personal experience growing up with brothers and analyzing siblings everywhere. It stands true that more males get hands on when it comes to fixing stuff and thing of that nature which all somehow tie into