Gender Identity: The Central Idea Of Gender

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When using the term transgender, it is helpful to look further into and understand the idea of gender. To do this it is necessary to consider sex and gender separately. Sex is the biological and physical characteristics that are linked with being labeled male or female. (Hopkins) Gender is the combination or characteristics, expectations, and roles usually associated with biological sex- often placed on a spectrum between masculine and feminine. (Hopkins) While it is known that sex is labeled at birth the idea of gender is generally more difficult due to the fact that the majority if ideas of gender are social constructs which generally vary by time and culture. Two examples of this would-be gender presentation and gender roles. Both are very dependent on not only the time period but also the culture. …show more content…
The central idea of gender is gender identity. This is the self-image that one has about ones own self in regards to whether they are masculine or feminine. tranThe majority of individuals, including myself, generally assume that ones gender identity would be associated with their biological sex. This means that they feel as though a female should be/will be feminine while a mal should be/will be masculine. This is not the case for everyone. Due to it not being a gender norm, transgenders can be seen as deviant or as behaving in a deviant manor. An act seen as deviant, such as being transgender, can also be a threat to daily operations. This is why President Trump issued the ban to begin