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Gender Inequity Photo Essay

Lanre Ola-Adigun
Section B
Farah Islam
Tutorial 07
Short Essay
October 21, 2013
2013-2014 KINE1000 6.0 Socio-cultural perspectives in kinesiology
York University
I came across this photo while I was looking through the local newspaper my coach and I were talking about it the other day it is my favourite sport too gender inequality football(males and females) the picture shows inequality and underlying inequity traits women are perceived as boring and seem like they are not trying in sports
When I look at the sports section, I rarely see any pictures of women. I chose this picture because
Women have been fighting for equal rights in sports for decades, and it is still a prevalent issue today.
Why it is that woman are not paid nearly as much as men if there are playing the same sport.
Why are not women soccer teams publicized and broadcasted out more like the men?

Questions why do males play football on a professional level and not females why females don't get as much publicity in sports in general as much as men why females don't get as much money in men why females aren't respected inequality-being unequal, lack of equal treatment used in freedoms and rights inequality- injustice, unfairness some ideas to write: girls not having a football league girls not being treated the same as men in sports(inequality)
People do not watch women sports as much as men, why is that. women athletes don't get paid as much as men athletes
Women athletes do not get as much attention as men. Often looking down upon fans and spectators have that who cares attitude the media and society don't portray women as athletes or sport figures nearly as much as men people don't think women are as good as men.(skills, talent, hard work, focused) unless they are a household name(Serena, sharapova) they get ignored or forgotten about the next day years and years of stereotypes and reinforcing of how women are weak and sensitive and house moms

How does your photo portray and inequity
Because women always get the short end of the stick, in sports in institutions and in general life. They are always looked down upon, and always second in comparison to men, never equal.
It goes back to as old as the bible, it says in genesis that women was created from man and that women are to serve under man. back in history women weren't allowed to work let alone play sports, they didn't have as much rights and privileges as men, and they were thought of as inferior to men
I argue that gender iniquity is the ultimate cause of ableism in the sport world

Critical analysis
I think this came about in our society because we have been underestimating and looking down on women in general since the beginning of time.
They were always our home cleaner, sex object and never seen anything other than a mother, talkless about playing sports
They also feel that women playing sports aren't entertaining enough because they aren't aggressive and
Even though sports are letting women play there ideologies about them haven't changed, they still see them as inferior to men, and are just doing it to please the masses.


I will argue that gender inequity is caused by Generations and years of stereotypes and putting down women, References of women being second to men in the bible and other religious texts, Being viewed as at home mothers and providers more than anything else, Back In history, women were not allowed to work, did not have rights, and were basically second-class citizen and Back in history women did not pay sports let alone leave the house, they wee thought of as inferior and should stay in their place I argue that gender iniquity is the ultimate cause of ableism in the sport world email: Hi Lanre,

That's great that you've nailed it down to 3 specific verses!