Gender Inequality In America

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Women, of color or not, are a very oppressed gender, whether it's in America, or other countries around the world, they are given less, they are seen as less, and they are treated as less than their male counterpart. The importance of bringing awareness to the topic of gender inequality and persecution is critical around the world, especially America. This inequality leaves an impact on modern teenagers in America, is addressed by authors who make an impact on readers, and has a multitude of written documentation, in various genres of literature, that is a proactive tool in changing society’s views of tolerance and acceptance. Gender inequality is a rising problem in America, to teens and adults alike. Being forced to marry as a child, increased chances of sexual assault, and lower pay are just a few of the examples among other things that affect their daily life, and show the oppression on women. …show more content…
First and foremost, the pay gap between both genders, Depending on a woman’s situation, age, education, and background can affect her pay. Women of Hispanic, African American, and American Indian, and Native Hawaiian descent are paid less compared to their male co-workers who are paid more which affects many teenage or older working women around the world, and America. In relation, “Women of color are more likely to be unemployed and even when they are they make far less than men; just 66 cents on the dollar for African-American women and 56 cents on the dollar for Hispanic Women.” (The New Agenda). To