Gender Inequality In Canada

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The artist is showing how substantial this money difference is by comparing 200 teachers to one athlete. One is a need and one is a luxury, yet the luxury is paid an increasing amount more. The standard of living from one compared to the other is drastically higher yet in the source both look to be happy and smiling. This source relates to Canada because in the bottom left hand side of cartoon it says “Ottawa citizens.” This source is similar to the paradox: why is gold worth more than water when water is a necessity. Scarcity is the reason for this, more water available means it’s of less value. This goes hand in hand when comparing a high paid athlete to the low salary teachers. One factor that determines this difference in pay is how much the employer values the particular person. There is an abundance of teachers but a limited amount of rare talent sports players. Top athletes can do things regular people cannot so a higher pay is required. Opposite of what Karl Marx believed because capitalism creates great inequality by …show more content…
People get caught up in mod mentality and begin to inherit the same mindset as those of the group. The artist believes that large groups always tend to do bad; many people in history have shown this point that evil is done in groups. For example the Nazi party, on their own most of the people did not do evil but when Hitler was brought into power, they killed and imprisoned the Jews. Jean-Jacques Rousseau would agree with this source because he once said “people are inherently good and have been corrupted by civilization and society.” This means that on their own people are good but when brought together people have the tendency for evil. This source shows qualities of classic liberalism by how people have the freedom to create these groups without the interference of the