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Men vs. Woman in communication

Men and woman vary in communication styles in all kind of different ways. Just by listening to someone talk about a friend of theirs, by the way they interact with them, and the message that they send you can figure out if it is a male or female. Some key factors that separate men and woman from each other are their communication styles ; verbal and non verbal communication, there body language , and how they act in certain circumstances such as being confronted or when it comes to somplements. First you have non-verbal communication. With non verbal communication males and females do have some same qualities such as Finger tapping, Eyes squinting, Legs crossing, Hands fluttering, and Head nodding (LaFrance M) . The differences in the way males and females use these types of non verbal communication is quite different. Nonverbal communication involves varying levels of body expression, with women usually functioning at high intensity (Turner L). Faces are animated and hands are in motion, often touching others. Men are more conservative in facial movement and body contact .However, they do tend to be complete in sitting styles: sprawling, stretching and spreading out. Where with woman the intensity level for them drops for the sitting position ; they tend to draw in, keeping arms and legs close to their bodies (LaFrance M). Building off of nonverbal communication; men and woman also have different ways of communicating when it comes to the form of verbal communication. How men act when it comes to complements is that they take the compliments for what they're worth, but men do like to joke more. Women, on the other hand, make compliments sometimes to take stabs at each other by saying compliments in a sarcastic kind of way. Opposite of men woman will hardly ever joke. Men like to speak about their achievements and successes. Women don't like to talk much about their abilities, and this behavior can be frequently treated by a man as a lack or even absence of talents (Byron K). Men tend to be more skeptical. Women are more sensitive than men, and can be easily hurt by harsh words. Lastly it comes down to how men and woman differ in the form of body language. With woman they tend to be more action oriented. They like to throw their hands around a lot more when they talk, trying to make what they talk about more exciting. Woman also like to use mannerisms in the fact