Gender: Member of Parliament and Princess Mia Essay

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At the beginning of the film you see a Princess Mia peeking through a secret passage or basically a hole in the wall. The camera is angled at a close up shot,the camera zooms in with a errie/ tense music in the background. Then the camera is looking down at the meeting of the Parliament member on brid eye’s view shot. By doing this the director of the movie Garry Marshall wants the audience to feel and see through mia’s point of view of the event happening below her. This also shows the viewer that the Princess Mia does not have a say in the discussion of the crowing of the next ruler of Genovia. Already you can see some discrimination of the female gender.
Then you hear the voice over of a men and the camera follows down and you can see the memebrs of the Parliament and the Queen. Did you notice how every member of the parliament is male? the only female meeber attending the meeting I the Queen. Eventhough she is at the front she is not in the middle but the prime minister has the middle seat.
As the daioloug between the Queen and the one of the Lords of the parliament continue on about the Genovia’s next ruler and how young Lord Deverlod is also next in line for the throne after Princess Mia. And being young Lord Deverlod’s uncle he supports and stats how his nephew is ready to take his place as the rightful king. AS the tense dialogue continues on there are not background music, the director purposely did this so that the viewr does not get distracted and is listening fully on the conversation that is happening int the meeting.
Then the…