The Uses Of Advertisers Use Sex To Sell Their Products

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It’s no secret al all that advertisers use sex to sell their products. This catchy marketing strategy has been popular since advertising first emerged, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Actually, according to Jean Kilbourne in her killing us softly video, “Media Representations of women have gotten worse over the decades”. Recently, more and more companies have begun using this strategy and now most ads incorporate some form of sexual content to promote their product. The type of sexual reference can differ from nudity to sexual messages or images depending on the product being promoted. These commercials not only use sex to sell their products, but often women are being objectified and taken advantage of in advertisements by being presented as “things” or “property”. She also states, “Turning a human being into a thing is always the first step towards allowing and committing violence against them. This is dehumanizing and makes violence inevitable”. (Kilbourne 2010) A prime example of a company that is known for using sexist ads to sell their product is Sky Vodka. These advertisements are a perfect example of how advertisements degrade and dehumanize women. The attached advertisement shows the ‘ideal’ women through men’s eyes. It is sending out a message that women should look, and act this way to be desirable. Sky Vodka and other companies of this nature should be ashamed of themselves. Advertisements like these are the most dehumanizing, which is one of the top leading causes to abuse against women, because men just see women as an object, a possession, or a ‘thing’, rather than a human being just as themselves. Advertisers need to gain an understanding of the serious issues that these advertisements are creating in our society and the negative effect it has on both men and women, because false gender representations are being created which shape the way we act, how we view people, the way we talk, our beliefs, and our culture. In the Sky Vodka ad that I have attached the woman’s lower body is displayed wearing very little clothing, holding high heels. This is already creating a sexual message, not to mention that the man is shown between her legs holding the product. The first images that young men interpret about drinking are usually through these sexist advertisements. These advertisements portray over the top sexualized gender stereotypes; men are these laid back hot shots, who are able to get these sexy women just by drinking a brand name. So therefore men are encouraged to purchase these products.
Advertisements sell values, images, and concepts. Not only products. One of the most important images is the ideal beauty of women; another is the concept of normality. (Kilbourne 2010). Something that is becoming a norm in today’s society is sexually explicit billboard ads. In the billboard ad that is attached, the tool shop is trying to gain men’s attention so they will give them their business. The three women are dressed in very revealing outfits which are supposed to represent the work uniforms worn by the men who would shop at the tool shop. Is this going too far? The answer is yes. Of course it is getting the men’s attention and promoting business, however it’s most likely featured on interstate or on billboards located in the city. It’s not in any way hidden from children. Whether advertising