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Gender is something you develop that can change over time. It categorizes the way you fit into society and what roles you play based on your sex. Sex can be male, female, gay, lesbian, transexual, and transgender. Now how does the role of gender affect the family? It is said that capitalism has over burdened women and displaced men. Women still have the role of a "housewife" - cleaning, cooking, and watching the kids - and have to go to work while men have just stayed in the workforce. It is necessary for both partners to provide for their families because one salary does not cover all expenses anymore. Instead of men helping the women, it seems that women now have more than one duty. When it comes to labor, America was male centered, but then there was an economic shift that required woman to work. Later on, woman abroad started to follow the footsteps of the American working women. During the Vietnam War, there were women needed to work in the naval bases as nurses and prostitutes. Because of this, most Vietnamese women were pushed away from there families after obtaining the only job they could find. While these women were trying to provide financial security for there families, they were being ruined in the eyes of their families. Another example of gender and family coming together is womanized migration. This occurs when women are coming to America, from places like the Philippines, to obtain jobs in order to provide for the family back home. They leave everyone