Gender Role and Pg Essay

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The history on how women were treated in the work system is unbelievable. I cannot

imagine what they are going through at this time. There are three basic periods on the historical

transformation of women’s work. They have organized social changes that resulted in the

development of the work system in the United States.

First, came the family- based economy was largely for households, including small

farms, large plantations, and haciendas. They all were label as slaves and other laborers. This is

mainly for people who grow their own things to get by. White women’s labor was highly for

their class position and marital status. The single women had to work in other’s households to do

their own weaving and sewing. They had to put clothes on their children back and their selves.

The African Americans were label as slaves. They had jobs as skilled craft workers and

domestics. I always wonder why white and black people were treated different during that time. I

know they had to get by whatever came to their mind. I thought it would be equal among them

during this period.

Second, was the family- wage economy for them to be able to work in the factory?

According to this, work was moved beyond the home, the worth of all persons became

measured in terms of their earned wage; therefore the work of women in home was devalued

(Ch. 5, pg 115 paragraph 2). They were able to profit off their goods or exchange with other

families. Although women worked for their wages were paid less due to cheap supply of labor.

Although work in the United States showed similar patterns of the intersection of race, class, and

gender during the organization (Ch. 5 pg.115 paragraph 5).

Third, was the family- consumer economy the women work was housewives often

coupled. How come they were able to take over the activities that was located in the household

(Ch. 5 pg 117 paragraph 1). I never knew what the family- consumer was all about during that

time. I can imagine that it was rough for them to make it through. I think women of color were

able to work outside their homes and combine their work with the white women. The transitions

role of women in the paid labor force were buttressed by the belief system (Ch. 5 pg.117

Paragraph 4). In conclusion, I never knew what kind of life the women living back then. I always thought that it was equal to everyone but it was not. They had to work hard to thing meet with their families to make a living. In the family- based women work on the farm. The family- wage women was able to go to the factories. Last, the family- consumer was housewives often coupled to make it.
Have you ever had a real understanding of what menstruation and menopause meant? I think that it’s a chance in life that women go through. Menstruation is a time when a girl becomes a women and menopause is a time when a women become old and asexual. They both have assumptions for a childbearing to their sexual and gender identities. There are a few myths about menstruation and menopause. In addition, to my knowledge menstruation is a time when a girl enters womanhood. It has various meaning in different cultures. In many western cultures, it has a departed for disabling women who could not work. In many cultures, menstruation is a symbolic of women’s strength, and elaborate rituals and rites of passage symbolize that power (Powers 1980 Ch.4 pg. 40). In contemporary U.S. culture, it is depicted to secretive and invisible of women to let them be free to explore life. I never knew that one word would have many meanings to get a better understanding of me. Menopause it when people go through a process of aging. It is like a chance in beauty to make you look different. Many people may get stress out when that time comes. When you watch T.V there are always commercials for crèmes to get rid of age spots so women would not look ashamed. It is no