Essay about Gender Role and Women

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Today i am writing an essay on the theme about A Midsummer Nights Dream and what differences there are in the roles and behaviors appropriate to men and women. I am also going to talk about if these gender differences still exist today or if they are examples of outdated stereotypes.
Men and Women were not treated equally in this period of time.The gender aspects mostly focuses on the social of the role of men and women. It tries to show that through all the years special roles have been given to some men and some roles have been given to some women by certain characteristics. It gives too much freedom and power to the men while it prevents women from doing any serious activities such as choose who they want to marry, prevented from acting in any plays, And they had no say over a man. So you can see there are many different things that focuses on the social role of men and women. Most of these gender differences are no longer active most of them are just outdated stereotypes. For example a women can now choose whoever they want to marry and can not be put to death or locked up for not marrying the man her father wants them to that. Another example would be a women can now participate in any serious activity and can now work almost any job they want too. Another outdated stereotype that William Shakspear added into A Midsummer Night’s Dream is that men and women aren’t equal. In modern time men and women are evenly equal and treated the same. A good example of how women and men are not WRIGHT 2 treated equally in A MidSummer Night’s Dream is when Hermia is given three options either marry Demetrius , be locked up and become a nun, or put to her death. This is a good example because Hermia is not in love with Demetrius she is in love with Lysander but her father wanted her to marry Demetrius . “so will i grow, so