Gender Roles Essay

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Notes: Gender Roles.

Objective Conditions:
1. Masculine and Feminine are labels that replace the thought of Male or Female.
2. Our traits are different but made sense of the categories of culture therefore automatically forming the certain role we should be.
3. We are not born into a gender, it is simply a script that we learn, like a code. If you do not follow the code, it is not “correct” or “natural”.
4. Advertisement define identity and subtly influence that mass public.
5. Popular media promote a wrong normality that may tell us things about ourselves.
6. The media portrays us in an extreme manner, those advertisements do not look strange to us because we have been conditioned to think that way since the very beginning.
7. When you look at the advertisements carefully, it becomes obvious how strange these poses are and what it has done to our society. Women naked on a beach to promote a burger, not only do we like those commercial, the industry pays top notch for the commercial and these actually work. That is why this type of advertising is growing and that is how it normalizes.
8. All media is mostly directed to the male viewers because they are in control. Women are used almost as an object.
9. The “power of looking”, relationship of subordination is introduced into our society.
10. Certain postures are defined as submissive and used as a gender code and these submissive poses are open to harm.

Subjective Concerns
1. Those that are assigned to a certain sex but is assigned to the wrong gender category are looked down on. They do not typically know where they belong. They are seen as not natural. (culturally)
2. The codes that we follow come from one source, the society. Within the popular society is media and advertising. The Codes that we assign that one must follow is heavily exaggerated and extremely concentrated and directed to an intended audience, which is us.
3. “Commercial Realism”, the popular media is trying to present the world to us in a way that could be real. They use the codes in the extreme way in order to get attention and fulfill the needs that people would like to see. Therefore enforcing the codes even more.
4. Advertisements promote the normality that may tell us things about ourselves can explain why we see certain poses that men make are gay even if they are not
5. If women were to act the way that the gender codes say not to, they are suddenly seen as not normal. That is why the advertisements follow the codes, because if they do not. Those advertisements do not succeed
6. The fact that the advertisements do not look strange to us even when those that are shown are extreme such as