Gender Roles In Advertising

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Over the years as modern technology grew so did the draw to modern media as well. As media grew it became crucial for companies to create advertising that was not only attracting but relatable. In the company's’ attempt at relating to everyone many feelings were hurt along the way. Lots of commercials hd stereotypes focusing mostly on women playing the role s the ones who are at home cleaning like febreeze who are there cleaning up after everyone in the house and no one seems to help. Commercials also portray men poorly as well, in most commercials pertaining to men, they aren’t making the right decisions, they mess up, or in Carl’s Jr. commercials they are sho0wn mindlessly following the women acting in the commercials. Even though stereotypes and views of men and women and their roles have tremendously changed over the years there are still sexist views. …show more content…
in 2010, Chrysler released a commercial advertising their Dodge Charger as “The Man’s Last Stand”. The commercial opens to what it seems to be different husbands reciting their daily routines that seem to be forced on the men by their wives. The car commercial portrays women negatively making it seem as if all women do is nag, and all men do is take it. “Take out the trash! Walk the dog! Carry my lip balm! Eat some fruit!” The ad works by encouraging men to make women the target of their frustrations and see women as undermining their masculinity — at a time when traditional definitions of masculinity aren’t holding up as well as they once did. The commercial shows the men releasing their stress by driving the car showing that they're taking their stand against what their wives are telling