Gender Roles In Folger's Advertisements

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Psychologically this could affect women, by making them feel like beauty is the only thing men after, it could also tell men that beauty is the thing that you should be after. It is also easy her to notice a trend in why women continue to be treated as objects of beauty rather than something with a personality and ambition to do more than look nice. We can also go back to the idea that this might also be the reason women continue to be treated the way they are in society. We see these women in commercials, wearing make-up and revealing clothing while jumping around. This creates a view on women in society. Women are suppose to be playful and sexy and that’s what makes them unique, it is not their personality and their ambition that makes them …show more content…
While viewing the ads from the 1950s through 1960s, both coders noticed various different trends about the advertising. While viewing the three Folger’s Coffee Advertisements from the 1960s, it was noticed that the ads continuously featured a husband and wife in the morning. The wife is making the man his coffee, and he complains about it saying that it is bad, one of the advertisements has the husband saying “pretty wife, bad coffee”. The husband is clearly showing his dominance, by ignoring the wife and treating her like she is stupid. The wife is typically upset about the situation and worried that if she does not find a solution to her bad coffee, then her husband will leave her. The end was the same, the husband is happy because they coffee is better and he treating his wife like they are in a loving relationship. This is creating a gender stereotype by saying that the woman has to please her husband, if he does not like something then she better find a way to fix it because he might leave her. The wife is put in a kitchen setting, and is being treated as if she is unintelligent. This shows a lot about what people thought of women in the 1960s. It shows that they believed women are unintelligent, and their worth is measured on how well they make food or coffee. It also sends the message that you have