Gender Roles In Goodfellas

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True Women and Real Men Gender roles have been around centuries, boys are taught they are supposed to be tough, emotionless, and be as masculine as possible. Just like boys girls are taught their roles from a young age, girls are supposed to be gentle, take care of stuff around the house, and dress up for no apparent reason. The media re-embraces these gender roles, in the film Goodfellas by Nicholas Pileggi all the men and women follow their socially accepted roles. Nicholas Pileggi glorifies the tough guy act in his film, the men do not take disrespect from anyone without retaliating with violence and the men in this film control their wives. Gender roles define who an individual is, affect how he or she is supposed to handle situations, and consist of a set of rights and wrongs both genders feel they are obligated to follow in order to be socially accepted. In the article “ Bros Before Hos” written by Michael Kimmel he it is explained how young boys are forced into following the guy code in order to feel accepted in society and to feel a sense of masculinity. In the film Goodfellas Henry Hill the main character follows a similar guy code to the one Michael Kimmel is describing. The notorious gangsters in goodfellas beat or shoot whoever they feels challenges their masculinity or play with their money. …show more content…
Henry Hill doesn’t take orders from anyone let alone his wife, he goes out for days doesn’t show home and when he finally does his wife Karen asks where he has been he brushes off what karen says and walks out. To the viewer they see this as an example of how men control their wives and don’t answer to them. In Goodfellas women are objectified as nothing more than a sexual partner. Henry has a wife and several mistresses his wife stays at home with the kids while henry takes other women on dates, he even has an apartment with a female living there running a drug business for