Gender Roles In Things Fall Apart

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Society’s expectations and ideals of each gender dictate how each person acts and where one stands in the underlying classes of society. One explicit concept of gender roles in power dynamics is illustrated in all novels read in class; it is the dominant male. In Things Fall Apart, the role of man over woman is distinct in not only Okonkwo’s ideologies, but also in the ways by which each clan is set up. There is no woman chief; there are only males. In The Stranger and Crime and Punishment, females, particularly prostitutes, are treated as property and objects: things that bring happiness and pleasure to the lives of males. However, one must consider the fact that these women came to be prostitutes because of lack of opportunities for women to advance in the world, to hold worthy jobs besides homemaker and prostitute. The ideals of masculinity and femininity shape and construct the order or ranking of power in society. Unfortunately, the ranks of women and men in society are similar to that of several hundred years ago. Many people in society still believe that females should submit to what society …show more content…
Many do attempt to break free of the restrictions set on gender roles in a society, but even so, these stereotypes are displayed through other fundamental mechanisms of a society, such as language. Beginning with the pilgrims and the founding of America, women were always conceived as homemakers, taking care of their family, and this image continues today too. Men have always been expected to show physical, mental, and spiritual characteristics of masculinity; sometimes just the opposite denotes that a man is feminine, according to the literary criticism by Biodun Jeyifo. The roles that gender plays in a society revolving around dominance and power are explicit and clearly