Gender Roles Of The Musuo

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According to Oxford Dictionary the definition of gender role is “the role of behavior learned by a person as appropriate to their gender, determined by the prevailing cultural norms”. But, something that is interesting is that people of different societies have different types of gender roles. There are six different societies from different countries which gender roles are different from ours. They are Mosuo, Minangkabau, Akan, Bribri, Garo, and Nagovisi. I will only talk about three which are going to be the Mosuo, Minangkabu, and Garo.
“The Musuo live near the border of Tibet in the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, they are perhaps the most famous living matrilineal society. The lineage of the Musuo is traced through the female side of the family, and the property is also passed down from the same lineage. The Musuo women handle business
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A typical female in our society is one that stays home to clean, cook, and take care of the children, even though I feel strongly that it should be both sexes doings household chores and taking care of the children. Even while growing up, I was always inside of the house cleaning and cooking at a young age, while my brother would be out with his friends playing basketball. I always want to break out of the gender roles that our society has taught us. For example, men are supposed to go into the fields of engineering, Mechanics, and Law enforcement. While females are supposed to become teachers, nurses, and Social workers. Teaching our children gender roles like these are inhibiting them from their full potential. The things I like that the other societies are that is shows that women can also hold power, they can be dominant like the males in our society. I believe that eradicating gender roles will be better for society and better for our children, boys can cry and girls can play with cars nothing is wrong with doing things