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Memo to the manager Donald Lewis of the Zotech Company

Dear Mr. Donald I am here by to inform about the need for security measures regarding social engineering as well as many other threats which can cause severe damage to your company.
I work for a well-known IT company called Computer Wizard which provides outstanding IT service around the globe. Along this pass 6 month we have been doing a survey regarding companies located in Maryland that can be a victim of social engineering as well as many security problems and your company is one of the many that is highly expose to this plaque. Before going furthermore I will go ahead and explain what is social engineering? Social engineering is defined as the technique of using deception and manipulation to gain sufficient knowledge to dupe an unwary individual, employee or company. A good example of such act is the Windows Event Viewer scam which is when telemarketers calling people and start telling them they have a virus in their machine which can be remove if the user runs a Windows program called Event Viewer in order to fix ‘so-called’ bugs in the operating system.
Also, scammers have called people posing as a member of their company’s IT department and named the person’s boss in order to gain their trust and told them your computer was having a problem and they had been asked to fix it. In today world, information security threats are a big problem that small businesses and larger enterprises are facing today. During a business interview on the BBC TV with Check Point Software Technologies Australia and New Zealand managing director, Scott McKinnel, says social engineering is such a large threat because it utilizes the invariability and flaws in human nature.
“Social engineering is so dangerous because it takes advantage of the one fallible part of any access point-- human users,” he says.
He adds that people are naturally curious and will click on a uniform resource locater [URL] and download attachments without always thinking about security.

Dear Mr. Donald Lewis even if your computer are being protected by an antivirus solution to protect your company from social engineering works and different spam and spyware, according to Bitdefender chief security research officer, Catalin Cosoi.
“Social engineering can overcome this obstacle too, as in some cases