Gender: Sociology and Topic Essay

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The status of women and men in education and careers...(we would depict where they were and where they are today).
Question at Hand: How have men and women been constrained and also triumphed over barriers when seeking in academia and careers?
This is the rubric for the presentation that our paper must have include (exert for the rubric): * Why is your topic sociologically relevant? In other words, why is this topic worth studying? Why should society as a whole care about this topic/what impact does it have on society at large? (Discuss what impact this issue has on each sex specifically. NOTE – It is not enough to say “This topic is worth studying because it affects society as a whole.” You must provide examples –as revealed through your research –of exactly how society is impacted and more specifically, how each sex individually is affected. Does your topic have different implications when you consider in race and social class? * Provide a global perspective for your topic. How do people outside of the U.S.A. perceive, experience, and/or deal with this issue? That is, discuss your topic from an American perspective and from the perspective of another country (provide information about specific locations outside of the U.S.). * Explain how a functionalist and a feminist theorist would explain your topic. * What insight does the literature provide about this topic (what did your research reveal about this topic)? Essentially, teach us what you now know about this topic. What did you find most interesting and/or surprising? What information really stood out for you when researching this topic & why? Be sure to include statistical data to support your research. * What would like to know about the topic but could not find during your research (gaps in research)? What aspects of your topics still need to be researched or studied? * Note: Your paper should not include personal stories, commentary, editorials or testimonials! * Also, do not identify who wrote each part of the paper. This is a group assignment and as such, your will receive a group grade.

I am going to try to divide research responsibility for us all. If you need help or have questions email us collectively so we can brainstorm.
Section 1
This is going to summarize what we basically are going to be talking about. Basically how in earlier times men were dominant in all aspects; education & career. And to now that has changed. Women in the earlier days did not have favorable population in achieving and higher education and career. The first to bullets in the rubric is also going to be focused in this section.
Section 2
First this section will start with