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Gender Stereotypes The shifting of gender roles from the past has been huge. It has happened so quickly that men and women are still trying to sort out what the new roles and rules mean to them. Although women are no longer expected to be the one in charge of the children and running the household, in reality, they are in most families. Although men are generally open to the successes enjoyed by the women they share their lives with, some still find it hard to celebrate a woman's accomplishments because they feel it removes the excitement from their achievements. However, rather than blaming each other for the situation, men and women are more willing to work together to understand their new place in life. Successful marriage partners learn to compromise and managers keep their employees in line. It will take time to sort out all the implications of the changing gender roles of Americans, but new expectations should result in better workplaces, better relationships, better schools, and better lives. Media plays an extremely important role on how society views gender roles. Generally cleaning commercials show women in the house while beer advertisements show men hanging out with friends. As the media continues to represent men in advertisements more than women, our society continues to respect and represent men more than women in every aspect of our daily lives. Women continue to be paid less at certain jobs, and experience more discrimination than men. While changes in gender roles over time do affect advertisements, it is more common for the media to instigate the changes in gender roles and affect gender socialization. Gender roles differ according to cultural-historical context, and while most cultures express two genders, some express more. Gender roles are also