Gender Stereotypes In Mean Girls

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The teen years are when there is an identity development. Exposure to these movies in a time where they are impressionable on their personalities they are more likely to develop gender portrayals around them. Additionally since teens are more impressionable they model their behavior over the success of others that they are exposed to. Behm-Morawitz and Mastro conclude that young girls are in fact influenced films they are exposed to.
From this I believe that it is important to look at the stereotypes of girl that teens are exposed to when they are most impressionable. Since this is the stage in which they develop gender stereotypes that will influence them through their lives. Exploring and addressing the stereotypes that is portrayed in these films shows viewers of my photographs what is affecting young girls today. Looking towards the future we can see how these stereotypes affect girls past their teen years and into adulthood. From this we can learn more about feminist culture and methods to create more positive images of women.
For this project I will create nine photographs with nine different characters that seem to be a common thread in all of the movies previously mentioned and additionally
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The characters in Mean Girls are portrayed as “catty,” “sluts,” and just overall mean, Despite their personality they are still looked up to by the student body because of their popularity. The mean girls are seen visually as the most beautiful in school, and in the movies most of the focus is on them focusing on their own looks. Along with the perfect skin, hair, and body are put into expensive, fashion forward clothes. These clothes are usually pink, as coined by the popular term, “we wear pink on Wednesdays.” For this photograph I will put myself into a long blonde wig, much like “Rachel,” from mean girls. Additionally I will wear these fashion forward clothes and place myself in the