Gender Stereotypes In The Media

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Male and female identities are not just represented in the media or in music that I listen to that drills into my brain, but also the magazines I am reading, the culture and ethnicity that I belong to. Furthermore, even the religion that I grew up with my family, that believes women have diminished men’s assurance and lost status. There are representations of men and women, which are expressed in different ways and with diverse characteristics. For example, the quote from the article, “Just as’ consistent with cultural views of gender are depictions of women as sex objects who are usually young, thin beautiful, passive, dependent, and often incompetent and dumb” portrayals peculiar types of representations whether its from stereotyping, discrimination, or inequality. Additionally, men are further endured to stereotyping in the media. They are consistently portrayed as powerful and dominant. There is little room for different visions of masculinity. The media tends to degrade men in caring, helpful or domestic aspects or roles in preference to those who oppose violence. Despite this, there are such depictions that can affect perceptions and insights in terms of what society may expect from men and women, but also what they may expect from themselves. The media encourage an unbalanced idea of the roles of men and women in …show more content…
Therefore, as demonstrated, gender equality is not just good for women in organizations it is good for all organizational members as there is an abundance of judgement from both men and women in the media, as well as magazines, books, and the public