Gender Woman S Suffrage Essay

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Gender Essay-Woman's Suffrage
Kristina Smith
Nevada State College

Professor: Dr. Shearer
This essay is on the understanding of woman’s Suffrage.
Gender discrimination and calling the word a male dominant society is something like a cliché now as the world no longer thinks about this thing on a serious note. It has been witnessed since the very first day of human’s presence on this earth that males are always considered as the dominant creature as compared to the females. There are millions of examples, regardless of any area of the world, which proves that the women have never got the identity and respect which they deserve or demand from the society. Even some of the highly developed countries have got the dark side of the history showing the astonishingly negative behavior towards women. Let alone the history, women are suffering and seeking equality in the present time, and you can witness this thing in many developed countries. An example of the most developed country, Unites States of America, can be takes in this regard; despite of all the developments, it has an astonishing fact about not giving power to women. It is not so long when women were not even supposed to cast their votes in 1920s, and still you would not find any women in some powerful and commanding seat on United States of America. It is the time to think about all these previous practices and demanding an answer from the authorities, because United States of America has portrayed an image of freedom in its entire history and that same country is making the lives of women miserable by not giving them a commanding position and by not giving them the feel of equality. Women have never got the enough rights, liberty and freedom like men have got in United States of America, and now the authorities should think out of the box to prove that they are representing the most developed country of all the times and they can provide the equality to all the genders by giving women their equal chance to prove their selves and to prove the fact that they are really giving equal rights to all of their citizens.

You might find it an interesting fact to know that women were unable to cast a vote until 1920, and that thing was changed after running a successful movement to aware the government for letting women cast their votes; all these things were happening in Unites States of America while women from other countries were enjoying the right to cast the votes since 1860. In Women's Movements in the United States, Steven M. Buechler (Buechler, 1990) has discussed in a very detailed manner that how the women were suffering in that era and how the entire movement forced the authorities to take amendments in the United States Constitution (Buechler, 1990).
We are talking about a country, who always talks about equality and freedom, which was not letting their women to wear skirts. It was the time when males were really dominating in the society. On the other hand, racism was at its peak and Black Americans were struggling really hard to live their lives as they were not even able to enter some specific areas, which were only allowed to be accessed by the other Americans.
The reasons of this inequality were nothing but racism and the fear that women would join the shoulders of men and then they would demand other rights as well. There is no doubt in the fact that racism of Black and White Americans were at peak at that time, but we are talking about the racism of gender; Patricia Hill Collins has stated all about gender racism and inequality in Black Sexual Politics: African Americans, Gender, and the New Racism (Collins, 18-Mar-2004). The females were not even able to wear skirts or roam around freely in the society. And that is the reason that authorities were not letting the females to cast vote as it was considered as unethical to come out of the houses to cast vote by standing by side of men.
The other surprising fact about gender inequality is