Gene Engineering and Human Life Essay

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EPSY 646 Chapter 2 Reflection Yi-­‐Ju Kiwi Wu Sept 3, 2013 The genetic scientists are so dedicated to gene engineering research. It is hard for me to image where they will go in the future after reading this chapter. As an aged woman who plans to have a baby next year, Chapter 2 is so useful for my personal needs rather than only for class preview work. In fact, I was asking to do the genetic test for a further relationship with my boyfriend. It was interesting to see how genetic technology/test might potential changes people’s relationship.

In contemporary generation, people tend to have a baby in late adulthood, so the genetic disease risk assessment is definitely a huge contribution for human life. It’s common for my friends to have ultrasonography and treat themselves as a responsible mother to regularly track baby’s health. However, others argue ultrasonography can bring bad effects to the baby due to the unpredictable interference via sound waves. As I mentioned above, genetic technology is going to potentially change people’s relationship, even the pregnant mother and an unborn baby. I'm not a feminist, but I advocate being a mother who has the right to decide whether to give birth to the baby since parent must give an enormous amount of the energy to raise the baby.

“ The privacy of genetic information” can be an example of what I mention above and also a new concept for me. I guess this is because Taiwan has developed a healthy care system that provides health care and financial protection to all its citizens without regard to an individual’s health situation. Ethical issues are always accompanying with genetic engineering. Nina, my best friend, suggested me to have eggs frozen for keeping the high quality of the eggs. We had a conversation about a potential market in the future. People own the rights to select sperm based on their genetic expectations in sperm bank, chances are they will also have the choice to pick eggs they want in near future. If a surrogate mother can bear a child on behalf of a couple unable to have a child, she might also bear a child for a successful woman

who does not have time for pregnancy process. Thus, a customized human-­‐made process can happen of creating a baby through a website, just like People simply click the