Gene Pool Persuasive Essay

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For many years now, humans have been obsessed with the idea of perfection. Someone that is physically, mentally, and genetically better than that of the normal human being. In the past, this was things of fantasy and science fiction, but now that seems more possible then ever. Technology has evolved so much that scientist are able to manipulate human embryos and try to change their genetic makeup. They can try to get rid of genetic diseases that could be passed down to future offsprings. They are so many possibilities that can come from this, like the babies eye colors, the babies hair color, and etc. This all seems promising but is it really that simple? There many consequences that can come from this as well, like genetic discrimination, the gene pool degenerating and much more. …show more content…
A article from the Washington Post called “Why Are We Telling Scientists to Destroy Human Life?” addressed the concerns with genetically manipulating human embryos. Scientists and ethicists fear that the embryos that grow up to reproduce will pass on that genetic modification and destroy the human gene pool. This should be avoid at all cost. If the gene pool starts degenerating then human survival rate will decrease leading to a higher chance of extinction. To continue researching the genetic makeup of the human embryos and to avoid degenerating the human gene pool, gene manipulation should on be conducted on embryos that wont reproduce. A ethical concern is that should human embryos be allowed to grow and develop to be a full living organism? Some argue that unlike the highly controversial topic of abortion, the human embryos that scientists use to genetically modify aren’t human yet allowing them to experiment, but is it really ethical for them to do on embryos that have no