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Down syndrome Down syndrome also known as Trisomy 21 is a set of mental and physical symptoms that are caused by having an extra copy of the chromosome 21. People that do not have Down syndrome have only 2 copies of the Trisomy 21, but people with Down syndrome have 3 copies. As a result of having the 3 copies instead of the 2 it will change the person’s body and brain’s normal development. Depending on the person the Down syndrome can either be a mild or severe case. Many people with Down syndrome are slower in mental and physical development. Many people with Down syndrome have intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs). This is a disability which will cause them to be limited on intellectual abilities and their adaptive behaviors. Gene therapy is an experimental treatment that doctors can be used to treat or prevent disease. Doctors cannot do gene therapy on a person that has Down syndrome because it will alter the person’s genetic code. Genetic therapy would not be able to remove the extra chromosome. In the future thought doctors may be able to “turn off” the extra chromosome. Many people with Down syndrome will go and see several doctors like gastroenterologist, cardiologist, development pediatrician, and other specialists to help treat the complications that they will have throughout their life time. Another therapist that is common for patients that have Down syndrome to go to is behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapists help people with Down syndrome to assist them with their communication and social skills. They will also help them with their learning skills and will help them to adapt to different situations better. Many parent that have kids with Down syndrome bring their kids to a behavioral therapist. It is best to start bring them to one early in life. Many doctors recommend that when a woman is pregnant she should go get a screening. Most screenings can show you if your child has Down syndrome or not. The screenings are not always accurate and it cannot tell you for certain. Many parents that do have a prenatal test done will abort their child if the test comes out positive. The