General Psychology Essay Mid Term

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Dylan Stevens
General Psychology
Prof. Cristina Davy

Social Psychology
The causes of compliance, groupthink, conformity, among individuals have been debated and researched for many decades. [The five motivational reasons to conform: the desire to be correct, the desire to be socially accepted and to avoid rejection and conflict, the need to accomplish group goals, the necessity of establishing and maintaining a self-concept/social identity, and the alignment of oneself with similar individuals] (Nail, Macdonald, & Levy, 2000.). [,%20macdonald,%20%26%20levy,%202000.pdf]
[Groupthink is a phenomenon when a group of people get together and start to think collectively with one mind. Being more concerned with maintaining unity than with evaluating the situation that they are in. The group takes irrational actions or overestimating their positions or moral rightness]. (
[Conformity is the most general concept and refers to any change in behavior caused by another person or group; the individual acted in some way because of influence from others. Conformity is limited to changes in behavior cause by other people; it does not refer to effects of other people on concepts like attitudes or beliefs]. []
(Compliance refers to changing one’s behavior due to the request or direction of another person. Going along with the group or changing a behavior to fit in with the group, while still disagreeing with the group. Compliance does not rely upon being in a position of power or authority over others).[] Compliance can lead to issues which businesses around the world are concerned about. The increasing number of regulations is hard to understand what is required for different businesses whether states or federal governments operate for them. Enforcing a bill to force a company to comply with the demands for Health Insurance for example, is something businesses have to deal with and work around on to enforce the law that has been pressed on them. Having to file different applications through companies like the federal Health Insurance Oversight System (HIOS) or the System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing (SERFF), causes technical system issues that take time for the companies to get used to. Questioning how regulators can share information and reach agreements whether it complies with the law or not. Angela Hoon, principal, leader of the mid-Atlantic enterprise risk management services says “ Implementation and mandate teams are figuring out what compliance means, but it’s very hard to know because it’s all being built real-time.” President Obama himself even admitted that last month major reform provisions will have some bumpy roads as they roll on out. Giving companies opportunities to work around a bill that’s pressed on them so they can comply too the code of law. Instead of forcing companies to mandate that law that can potentially break their business. For example, we have Obama Care which was signed into law on March 23rd, 2010. A “supposedly” bill that was to take cost pressure off of businesses in general but most businesses are saying that it just adds more pressure. Most businesses especially small, won’t be able to offer choices of health plans which undermines the purpose of having