General Relativity and Russell Broman Wormholes Essay

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Russell Broman

Wormholes (Continued)
Albert Einstein helped postulate a relevant link between quantum mechanics and gravity which is one of the hardest paradigms that physicists have dealt with. He postulated that quantum objects (such as quantum black holes) can be entangled to create a channel of information that can teleport qubits (quantum information bits) back and forth between the quantum objects through the channel. They would form pairs that can only can teleport information about their physical properties of the quantum objects including the quantum objects’: spin, polarization, momentum, position, and time dilation. Julian Kostonov, a theoretical physicist at CERN then postulated that if two quantum black holes became entangled then exotic matter was added to the quantum channel between them the quantum channel would expand to create a neck between the black holes. This neck would allow for whole particles to go through from entering one black hole, then exiting the other (traversably.) This was the very definition of a wormhole. Kostonov teamed up with James Kohlscheiber, Angelique Petrovic, and Noah Arnet to use ATLAS, to test the primordial universe effects of quantum gravity with possible wormholes and black holes. They ran a few tests and repeated the action in which they created a heavily dense neutron singularity that became a tiny black hole. Although these back holes were going to evaporated due to Hawking Radiation in a Planck time, the physicists created a super-heated small gas-ball (to mimic a small star) that they neutron black hole could feed on the electromagnetic radiation, gas, and dust of to get more radiation that it emitted due to Hawking Radiation so the neutron-singularity black hole could thrive. It had a Schwartzchild Radius of much bigger than a Planck Length, but it was still quantum small. They then created enough energy in ATLAS to rip the black hole into two entangle black holes. They added exotic matter to the quantum channel to make it expand into