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ass 6 1a. your role and duties will vary depending on your employer. Each work place will do things differently . However each work place will have their policies and procedures of the organisation, how the structures work and the people who are the managers and supervisors. You will be given an idea of what your employer expects of you. However your duties and responsibilities will be governed by the regulator in the UK which require you to work according to the Code of Practice. These are set guidelines that organisations must adhere to. This is important to follow working in care as it ensures that every member of staff works to a certain standard which is expected of them. Also ensuring a certain standard of moral and ethical standard. In some part and soon to be all, individuals working within the social care sector are required to be registered. Which means that they will need to have or are working towards a certain minimal level of qualification. Employers must be sure that their employers are registered and eligible to work in social care.
1b. When employed you will be given a job description, telling you what is expected of you. However, it does not tell you how you need to do it. This will be in your standards,as with codes of practice. These vary depending on where in the UK you work. Each have a National Minimum Standards that are used by inspectors to ensure that workers are working effectively. In England we have The Care Quality Commission that are our inspecting organisation. The regulatory body being The General Social Care Council. In wales,Scotland and North Ireland the inspecting organisations and regulatory are different. However, across the whole of the UK The National Occupational Standards apply explaining what we need to know in order work effectively within the social care sector. The NOS create the basis for all qualifications in the social care sector, and are divided into units of competence. Some of these are mandatory and everyone should be able to demonstrate in these areas. Other units are optional however and should be able to demonstrate in these areas. By providing competence you need to provide evidence that you know the skills and knowledge required of working to NOS standards.
2a. The social care sector is always changing, emphasising on personalised,quality care. There has been a great realisation in working along side individuals so that they are directing their own support and needs. This is empowering individuals, development in technology have helped enormously towards Independence for many people. These developments have brought about different approaches to the way the administrating and recording of service provisions are carried out. Legislation and resulting guidelines are features that make up the work sector. Sadly many of the new guidelines,policies and procedures have been brought about by enquiries and investigations that followed tragedies, errors and neglect. As a social care worker you need to be aware of changes and developments. These are not necessarily followed in your work place straight away . Therefore regular visits to the library or training courses will update your information of current thinking and new theories. The media is also a source of information about new studies and research. Articles in newspapers are also a source of information. You can find reports of past failings on the internet. Informing you of how things have changed. Not overlooking your supervisor and colleagues. They may have many years of experience and knowledge and will be happy to share with you. It is vital that you understand new information, know how new theories are developed and how research is carried out. Information attained must be from reliable source which means it has been carried out the same way by other parties. The validity of the research is also vital making sure that it is consistent with the results,consistent with the way in which the research was carried…