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Influence of Entertainment Media
Influence of Entertainment Media
Since visual media became available to the public we have been bombarded with streams of images that shape values and the we view society. In the early days there were family friendly shows that instilled good morals. Things like respecting your elders, being chivalrous, acting like a lady or gentleman and abstaining from using foul language were regularly reinforced. As time advanced visual media became more progressive and began pushing the envelope by depicting "real life" families, such as single parent households and African American families like The Jeffersons in the 1970's. Civil Rights movements and feminist movements were also being broadcasted and so the idyllic life of The Brady Bunch was no longer the norm. Boundaries were pushed real life being portrayed on visual media was no longer considered controversial and now we have violence, sex and drugs being depicted regularly.
Although, we may not be the ones doing it, on some level we are aware of what is going on. Part of this awareness is constant exposure from the media and also the environment we surround ourselves with. Again, while we do not necessarily participate in these activities odds are we have witnessed someone participating in anyone of them and it likely did not phase us because we have grown up in a society that treats this as a normal part or way of life.
The overexposure is so overwhelming it can be dangerous