Generation and Money Essay

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Alec Cranston Adv. English 12 Ms. Watson Feb.8th, 2015
Is our generation a lost generation?

Is our generation a lost generation? To answer that question, I will arise my opinions through valid, key points that depict why I believe we are a lost generation. I believe this because we constantly value money and other luxuries over our own family, along with putting much less important activities before the needs of our families, as well as having little to no concern for our near and far future generations. Money doesn't buy happiness, happiness lies within. Our generation is constantly relying on money and wealth in order to achieve happiness and peace. I will say, however, that money is nice to be in possession of, but it isn't everything we need to be happy. As stated in the "Lost Generation" poem, "Money will make me happy, so in thirty years, I will tell my children that they are not the most important thing in my life", meaning that we view money as a superior to our children and family, and that there is no need to even have a child to love if all we need is money to make us happy. Happiness comes from family; it doesn't come from that twenty dollar bill our mother or father handed us as we left the house, it comes from the love that our mother or father has for us to give us that money, in hopes that we will one day return the favour and pass the love on to children of our own. No matter how much money and luxury we obtain in life, none of it will matter in the end, because our true peace and happiness comes from the love of our family, friends, and just living life to the fullest every day. Family always comes first, no matter what. As stated in the poem, "My employer will know that I have my priorities straight, because work is more important than family", meaning that our generation will value work and the people involved in our jobs, more than our own family, which ultimately will them away and lead to a high rate in divorces in years to come. Our generation puts many things such as work, friends, parties, and sports before our family and spending quality time with them. We have this misconception that it's uncool to stay home with our family on a weekend, and that we think we are deemed losers for staying home and not going out, which is an irritating mindset to have. The less time spent with family, the further apart we will become, which will have a greater negative effect for years to come, and eventually create a hostile relationship with the people that love us the most. No matter what we do in life, who we do it with, decisions we make, good or bad, our family will always be there for us,