Generation Of Protest James Oliver Horton Summary

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The piece that will be discussed is “Generation of Protest: Black Families and Social Reform in Ante-Bellum Boston” by James Oliver Horton. A brief overview of the piece is that it is about how black families in Boston during the late 18th and early 19th centuries became prominent leaders in the black community and how their actions improved lives for blacks by fighting against racial discrimination and slavery. Horton went into depth explaining how specific actions from the known families made a difference in how blacks were treated back then. Actions from the beginning starting with the Hall family tree to the Snowden family being the last one he mentioned. The evidence Horton uses is mainly descriptions about what each family tree did to …show more content…
William Cooper Nell had a motivation to eradicate racial barriers but that went on to influence his position in the Juvenile Garrison Independent Society which featured him in an exhibition for antislavery. I agree with this statement because the article continues to say how Nell courage blacks to be apart of society and all while he also worked alongside presumably whites who sided with blacks and antislavery. It just makes sense after Nell was denied a medal for academic achievement because of his skin color and was only allowed to be invited if he was a waiter. I am positive an insult like that was enough to motivate Nell to work towards tearing down racial barriers. I also find it interesting that this was all happening almost 30 years prior to the Civil War. The actions of Nell and others like him had an influence on the decision to free slaves nationwide using their Northern victory to their advantage to get their point across. By getting involved with society the racial barrier weakened as blacks begin to be more like whites in the sense that they are being educated and fighting alongside them in national conflicts which shows they are not much different besides the different skin